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Birmingham Arts School – it’s not a school!

Birmingham Arts School (BAS) is a space to build creative minds. By connecting schools to the Arts we allow children and young people to think, to imagine, to argue, to question and to enable everyone across the City to think about the world openly and explore it with a different mindset.


BAS recognises that children and young people face inequalities across the City and we strive to connect them with high quality Arts opportunities. Opportunities that not only enhance their learning and wellbeing but develop skills to support them in their future careers.


By providing training opportunities for teachers and artists, producing conferences and showcases and facilitating teacher networks BAS ensures that there are year-round activities that meet the needs of children, young people and teachers. We are the space that brings together opportunities for the City’s cultural sector whilst actively addressing the challenges it faces.


BAS needs your voice,  your support and your willingness to act as role models to develop creative minds. The architecture we see, the books we read, the delicately crafted design that sits upon your morning coffee, the passion we hear through activism and the confident language  that boasts business acumen – the Arts drive all of this. 


Through your support we can ensure stories of heritage, upbringing and culture that express the vibrant diversity of our City are exposed to children and young people through drama, dance, music, literature and visual art. 


If you too believe that the Arts need to exist in the world; to enable the coming together of minds and the ability to reflect what makes us human; then champion BAS as the central point in the city that ensures arts education is valued in schools.


How can you support Birmingham Arts School?

    • Donate to BAS so together we can ensure that the nurturing of creative minds is at the forefront of every school in the city.
    • Let us know about ways in which you can make a transformational difference to the lives of local young people.

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    Steve Ball is Director of Birmingham Arts School. He trained as a teacher, has worked as an actor and was the founding Artistic Director of the Play House. He was Head of Arts for Birmingham City Council and Associate Director at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre for 17 years where he led on Creative Learning.



    Bhavik Parmar is Deputy Director at Birmingham Arts School. Bhavik is currently on secondment from Birmingham Repertory Theatre where as Head of Education leads on the Rep’s schools programmes. Bhavik was one of six research artists selected to attend the Assitej Cradle of Creativity Conference in South Africa in 2017. Through his time at Birmingham REP, Bhavik Parmar has directed shows for the Adult Drama Company, been a practitioner delivering bespoke drama workshops for every key stage including leading on the BTEC performing Arts Course at Braidwood School for the Deaf. Prior to this Bhavik has worked for Kiln Theatre, Lakeside Arts Centre in Nottingham and was founder of his own company, Panorama Drama.

    Steve and Bhavik also are part of the below group:


    BAS Strategic Advisory Group

    • Stuart Bernie – Head of Music Service, Services for Education

    • Dave Howard – Creative Learning Producer, Stan’s Café

    • Rachael Thomas – Executive Director, Birmingham Repertory Theatre

    • Sarah Thomas – Business Manager, Birmingham Education Partnership

    • Rob Elkington – Director, Arts Connect

    • Harpinder Singh – Headteacher, Queensbridge School

    • Tania Yasmin – Headteacher, Greet Primary School

    • Nancy Evans – Director of Learning & Participation, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group

    • Angela Lowry – Headteacher, Raddlebarn Primary School

    • Indi Deol – Director, Desi Blitz

    • Ammo Talwar – CEO, Punch Records

    • Dan Jones – Creative Arts Lead, Allens Croft Primary School


    Birmingham Arts School will regularly post opportunities on the Birmingham Education Hub so make sure to sign up to stay up to date all the opportunities coming your way this year.

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