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After the launch in 2016, the annual Learning to Shape Birmingham Conference is returning this Autumn term. The Conference has always had the mission of bringing our community of Birmingham schools together. We are delighted that we are able to do that in person again this year.

This year’s conference will offer attendees knowledge and learning around Leadership, Curriculum and Inclusion from forward thinking experts, including; Matthew Syed, Prof. Peter Fonagy, Michael Rosen, Branwen Jeffries, Rosemary Campbell-Stephens and Andrew Warren to name but a few. Attendees will also gain practical input from their peers through a variety of workshops. You can book tickets via The Birmingham Education Hub – click here.



Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) exists for the benefit of every publicly funded school in Birmingham and seeks to be co-led by and built on the strengths of all Birmingham Schools. BEP is committed to no school being isolated and sees that local, city and national connectivity is a key to success for schools at every stage of their development.

BEP believes it takes a whole city to raise a child. If schools do well, then children do well and if children do well our city will flourish.