Primary Arts Subject Development Network

BEP is pleased to offer the 2021/22 Art Subject Development Network. Subject Leads, Non Specialist Teachers, Curriculum Leads and Senior Leaders will benefit from three twilight CPD sessions, led by experienced and talented artists who will provide practical insight into creating and delivering an inspiring and comprehensive Art provision in school.

21st Apr 2021, 20th Oct 2021 & 2nd Feb 2022

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BEP Peer Tutoring – Young people helping other young people learn.

For many children their daily goal in going to school is not just to learn but to see their friends and to feel a sense of self-worth that only a peer group can offer. It is as key to their holistic development as any lesson. Peer Tutoring can provide a renewed focus on building, maintaining and repairing relationships. At the same time, tutors can ‘develop mastery’ in subjects, reinforcing their knowledge and skills, from reading, literacy and numeracy to supporting transition. 

Want to learn more about BEP’s Peer Tutoring Lead Practitioner training? Visit our Peer Tutoring Programme page and watch our brief and informative video below:

Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) exists for the benefit of every publicly funded school in Birmingham and seeks to be co-led by and built on the strengths of all Birmingham Schools. BEP is committed to no school being isolated and sees that local, city and national connectivity is a key to success for schools at every stage of their development.

BEP believes it takes a whole city to raise a child. If schools do well, then children do well and if children do well our city will flourish. 


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    BEP’s Inclusion team was initially launched in December 2018. Committed to enabling schools to become emotionally support and resilient

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