You are invited to take part in an exciting project to celebrate the arrival of the Commonwealth Games 2022 to our city and to showcase the historical and current achievements.

The project hopes that young people will research some of the civic history of Birmingham and explore themes such as trade, communities, migration and explore plans for the future.

It is open to infant, primary, secondary and special schools.

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Find out more about the benefits of BEP Membership and how investing in BEP can help build a stronger collective for every school in Birmingham.

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This course has been assured for DfE grant-funded Senior Mental Health Lead Training.

This two-day training course will give Senior Mental Health Leads a firm grounding in the theory and practice of leading and establishing a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing. Structured for the schools or Senior Mental Health Leads in the emerging or foundational stages of building a whole school approach, this training will give you the tools to audit and action plan under the 8 public health principles of a whole school approach and delivered by a highly experienced mental health and educational team.

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Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) exists for the benefit of every publicly funded school in Birmingham and seeks to be co-led by and built on the strengths of all Birmingham Schools. BEP is committed to no school being isolated and sees that local, city and national connectivity is a key to success for schools at every stage of their development.

BEP believes it takes a whole city to raise a child. If schools do well, then children do well and if children do well our city will flourish.