Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) exists for the benefit of every school in Birmingham and seeks to be co-led by and build on the strengths of all Birmingham Schools.

BEP is committed to no school being isolated and sees that local, city and national connectivity is a key to success for schools at every stage of their development.

BEP believes it takes a whole city to raise a child. If schools do well, then children do well and if children do well our city will flourish. 

  • school improvement

    Find out more about our School Improvement contract or get involved in specific projects such as Primary Reading or Peer Review.

  • mental health & wellbeing

    BEP’s Mental Health & Wellbeing team was initially launched in December 2018. Committed to enabling schools to become emotionally supportive and resilient.

  • birmingham arts school


  • birmingham careers hub


  • events

    Attending a BEP event or training course ensures that as a school member you will have the necessary tools to develop and improve your school.

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