About Us

Our mission is to secure a deeply good academic, social and civic education for every child and young person living in Birmingham.

Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) was established in 2013 to unite the whole family of Birmingham schools, to harness our collective strengths and to support partnership working. BEP represents the school-led system in the face of shrinking local government. Recognising that it takes a whole city to raise a child and that schools need to be rooted in locality, BEP champions working with all those who support and develop Birmingham’s young people.

BEP is both a charity and a company (not for profit) that is focussed on school improvement in its broadest sense. Our partnership works through a variety of discrete channels. These include contractual or commissioned work, membership services and traded activities.

Our key activities include knowing the needs and strengths of all Birmingham schools, supporting those that are at risk, or those already judged to be less than good. BEP provides opportunities for the remainder of Birmingham schools to support their own school development journey. We do this by brokering support with expert consultants, offering specialised events and CPD opportunities and facilitating effective collaboratives and partnerships between schools. 

We have developed the BEP Peer Review Programme, a bespoke programme for Birmingham Schools, to rigorously challenge each other and identify priority areas for development. Our traded services are delivered by a team of high quality, independent education professionals as Priority Partners with years of experience, working successfully at all levels of challenge. Additional programmes are also delivered by experienced coordinators to address mental health in schools, development of the arts and sports curriculum, engagement of pupils with global issues and building connections between local businesses and schools to improve career opportunities for young people.

Our Aims

BEP is committed to securing the best possible education for every child and young person living within our city. Working with others, we aim to:

  • Bring together the family of Birmingham schools to strengthen partnerships and support collaborative approaches in order to drive school improvement
  • Secure a deeply good education for every child in a Birmingham School emphasising civic and social education as well as the academic success.  
  • Be a champion for Birmingham and Birmingham schools; provide a focal point for partners from the private, public and the third sector who wish to contribute to the work of the city’s schools.
    1. At a time of greater competition for resources, we seek to support schools in targeting resources more equitably.
    2. Through building strong and effective partnerships with schools, gain a thorough understanding of all the city’s schools, and act to make sure none are isolated.
    3. Seek the resources to significantly contribute to the challenge of improving outcomes for all children in Birmingham schools and in particular for those in schools judged to be in need of improvement.

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Please contact the office on office@bep.education or call 0121 285 0924

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