Peer Tutoring

It has been said that “teaching peers is one of the best ways to develop mastery”.

Many Birmingham heads have discovered this first-hand with the institution of a peer tutoring programme within school.  Peer tutoring has been defined as young people helping other young people to learn and there is much evidence to show that peer tutoring contributes to better outcomes for pupils and young people, both tutees and tutors.

A highly effective, low cost mechanism for school improvement, peer tutoring requires that pupils act as tutors for fellow pupils. Tutors can ‘develop mastery’ in subjects, reinforcing their knowledge and skills and in turn building their self-confidence and self- esteem. Tutees have been seen to improve attainment and increase achievement in all core subjects.

When implemented effectively, peer tutoring can be a powerful force for raising the achievement of all involved, providing secure, long-term school improvement.  Peer tutoring will help pupils & young people:

  • Take on a responsible leadership role and make a positive contribution in their school or community.

  • Develop subject mastery in core subjects (Maths, Literacy, Reading)

  • Build social skills such as self-confidence and empathy

  • Strengthen communication skills

The key to success lies in the two day training programme that young leaders must go through before they can take up their leadership role. The training is a unique programme, developed over two decades and underpinned by evidence-based research to build both the ‘skill and the will’ to be a great leader.

To find out more about the BEP Peer Tutoring Programme and how best to implement it in schools contact our Wider Learning Team.

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For further information contact our Wider Learning team.

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