Peer Tutoring

BEP Peer Tutoring Programme

Young people helping other young people learn.

What is Peer Tutoring?

Peer Tutors are young people who help other young people to learn. Young people occupying leadership roles, enabling them to motivate their peers and find creative ways of engaging and supporting fellow pupils in their learning, whilst acquiring valuable skills themselves.

Originally developed through the work of University of the First Age (UFA), this low cost, high impact, well-evidenced intervention is consistently ranked highly on the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) Toolkit. EEF reports, “an average positive effect of approximately five additional months’ progress”.

Though all types of pupils appear to benefit from peer tutoring, there is evidence that children from disadvantaged backgrounds and low attaining pupils make the biggest gains.

  • Increase attainment of Tutors and Tutees
  • Increased engagement and better attitudes towards school
  • Raise aspirations across schools, homes and communities by creating transformational learning experiences
  • Inspire and equip young people and the adults that support them to become confident, resilient individuals, successful learners and responsible leaders
  • Connect learning, wellbeing and achievement

BEP’s Peer Tutoring Offer

Below you will find varying avenues of how to introduce Peer Tutoring into your school. Packages can be implemented individually or combined – creating a powerful school improvement strategy. 

Peer Tutoring – Lead Practitioner Training

Upskill your staff to lead Peer Tutoring in your setting. An excellent certified CPD opportunity, this training is suitable for both Primary & Secondary schools and comprises 5 x 3hour online training sessions. Introductory Offer: £295 for all 5 sessions.

  • Lead Practitioner Training develops reflective, evidence based practice in your staff.
  • Equip your staff with a high quality Peer Tutor student training programme and associated resources to deliver your own training.

Peer Tutoring – Tutor Training For Students

  • Dedicated member of the experienced Wider Learning team assigned to work closely with you to develop Peer Tutoring in your setting.
  • Consultancy session to establish your key priorities and develop an implementation plan.
  • Training delivered to up to 20 students at your site. Programme modelled for key staff members.
  • Consultancy Review Session 8-12 weeks later to review progress.

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