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We estimate 5000 children in Birmingham are suffering from digital poverty, excluded from education during lockdown because they have no access to online learning.

They are also socially isolated from friends and familiar, trusted adults, unable to participate in learning that their peers have access too.

Digital Education Partnership has been formed to tackle this issue and make e-learning available to all of the city’s children, now and in the future.

We are a partnership committed to providing fair access for children to education and well-being online, with BEP has the host partner.

We need to get laptops and connectivity devices out to as many disadvantaged children as possible: will you help us?

The Coronavirus crisis is causing unprecedented challenges for our schools and highlighting the invisible barrier to learning and attainment caused by digital poverty.  We know that digital exclusion can further entrench existing disadvantage, and that vulnerable groups can benefit disproportionately from being online.

We want to help get as many children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Birmingham, online safety and securely and as quickly as possible. We have been collecting some donated devices and refurbishing as Chromebooks using Neverware to give new life to old devices. These are being passed on where nothing else is available.

You can help us:


Digital Learning Partnership will work independently of recent measures announced by the Government to provide laptops to children who will be taking GCSEs next year.  Our work will focus on disadvantaged children in all age groups across primary and secondary schools across Birmingham.

A massive thank you to Hyper Optic, Birmingham E Learning Foundation and BEP for  their incredibly generous £17,000 donation which has enabled us to start providing devices and internet access for children and young people straight away.

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