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The Digital Education Partnership is here to help your school and families through this pandemic.

Now schools are back from the initial lockdown, we have found families still require support. Whether this is to have a collection of ‘bubble bursting’ devices for when children need to isolate, or for families you know would benefit from the a device in the home, we can help.

As our project is solely reliant on donations, we cannot provide any lead times on your application being fulfilled. Applications to DEP should be part of a longer-term support plan for your school and families.

From Dep you can apply for:

  • Devices (Laptop or desktops)
  • Connectivity (for your families till the end of the academic year)
  • A bundle (device and connectivity)

What you need to apply?

 We have kept the application form as simple as we can. You will require the following information to complete the application form:

  • What are you applying for?
  • What are your plans from the devices/connectivity you have applied for?
  • For devices and connectivity going directly to families- have you identified the families they are going to?

We want to ensure any donated equipment is distributed in a timely manner and used to support families and quickly and effectively as possible.

If devices are awarded, you will be asked to complete some actions. These actions are to support the sustainability or the project, and for DEP to complete the needs of our funders. This will include:

  • Record of Donation when collecting the devices
  • 4 week report to confirm all devices and connectivity have been sent out to families along with any feedback
  • Send information about the Early Help Hubs to families in receipt of support

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