Wider Learning Lead Role

Recruitment Information for Wider Learning Lead based at Birmingham Education Partnership

Job role

To build a shared ambition for, and commitment to, a wider learning Guarantee or Pledge for Birmingham Schools.

To engage multiple partners in constructing a coherent broad framework for the Birmingham Wider Learning Guarantee or Pledge, addressing issues of outcomes, progression and sustainability.

To create a sustainable mechanism through which schools can populate and deliver their Wider Learning Guarantee or Pledge

To form and establish short term operational offers to schools

Key Responsibilities

  • To engage school leaders in the creation of a shared ambition for a wider learning Guarantee or Pledge.
  • To engage school leaders and other stakeholders in the creation of a wider learning Guarantee or Pledge, with clear links between Guarantee or Pledge commitments and school/pupil performance.
  • To launch the wider learning Guarantee or Pledge and to secure commitment to from as many Birmingham schools as possible to fulfilment of the Guarantee or Pledge.
  • To develop new wider learning offers for schools.
  • To create and implement a framework for school delivery of the Guarantee or Pledge
  • To create a process for monitoring the implementation of the Guarantee or Pledge within Birmingham schools and for learning from individual school activity
  • To create a sustainable mechanism through which schools may access information about ideas and resources that will help them to deliver their Guarantee or Pledge commitments. (Web based)
  • To engage with school leaders to identify areas in which operational offers need to be developed for schools that will maximize their ability to fulfil their Guarantee or Pledge commitments.
  • To form and establish operational offers prioritized by school leaders.
  • Engage with providers of resources and opportunities to improve access for schools and secure better terms for purchasing.
  • To line manage the wider learning project worker and other staff engaged in wider learning activity.

Other duties

To communicate effectively utilising different vehicles ie letter, email, phone or face to face, with all parties including external agents and/or partners, colleagues and associates at all times.

The post holder may be required to lead or support other projects as required by the organisation.

To undertake any other duty as required by the organisation, commensurate with pay grade, skills and experience.

To work with BEP colleagues to:

  • Develop a shared knowledge of BEP projects and products, and create opportunities for mutually beneficial linkages between them.
  • Provide mutual support to the development, marketing and delivery of all BEP projects and projects.

Person Specification


  • Successful serving leader in education.
  • Proven ability to:
    • Create a shared sense of commitment to a common cause.
    • Engage with schools leaders, build consensus, and formulate shared objectives.
    • Deliver shared objectives, with and for school leaders.
    • Build collaborative partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders.
    • Lead complex projects with multiple stakeholders.
    • Work across all types and phases of schools.

Key Skills & Knowledge

  • Knowledge of the education sector.
  • Knowledge of schools responsibility for wider learning.

Personal Qualities

  • Flexible
  • Energetic
  • Empathetic
  • Resilient
  • Drive and determination
  • Positivity

Key Performance Measures

  • Creation and population of a wider learning Guarantee or Pledge for Birmingham.
  • Creation of a framework for delivery of the wider learning Guarantee or Pledge.
  • Development of new wider learning offers for schools.
  • Creation of the web based mechanism to support delivery of school commitments.
  • Launch of the wider learning Guarantee or Pledge.


The organisation reserves the right to make reasonable changes to this job description in consultation with the employee.

To apply please forward details of your education/career history and referees, using either a CV or existing teacher application form, to office@bep.education.  Please also enclose a covering letter (maximum 2 sides of A4) indicating your suitability for the role against the job description and person specification.

Deadline for applicationsSunday 27th January 2019

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