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Sunny Chana, Artist and Business owner of Sunny Digital Prints working in partnership with Olivier Jamin, Deaf Artist, OJART to deliver workshops specialising in printing vinyl images to t-shirts/bags. We deliver a variety of workshops to all ages in business, education, arts; at fairs, clubs, corporate and parties and at events in Galleries and Museums. We offer two different types of design; pre-cut and print and draw, cut and print as well as three different price ranges, depending on your budget and duration of workshop.

If you wish to know more, a link to our leaflets detailing this information can be accessed on request, for which we will send a link via email, and/or attachment.

Contact Sunny Digital Prints and OJART

T: 0121 405 0415

E: Oliver Jamin –

E: Sunny Chana –



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