Appraisal & Performance Management

According to the National College of Teaching & Leadership, effective oversight of the Headteacher performance management process is one of the most important roles played by the governing body.

The Ofsted School Inspection Handbook states that “Inspectors will consider whether governors performance manage the headteacher rigorously”.

We offer:

A knowledgeable leadership expert (experienced, current or recently retired headteacher) to support governors in the headteacher’s performance management, which will challenge you to sharpen the process so that it incorporates the ten features of effective performance management.

Phase 1 

The process starts with an initial consultation with the appraisal panel, which will encompass:

  • Advice for governors on the review and objective setting process
  • Agreement of the process
  • Document checks, appraisal templates, evidence required for appraisal review
  • Review of previous years objectives
  • Examination of evidence
  • Support for pay recommendations

Phase 2

Based on discussions with the governing body and headteacher, new appraisal objectives will be established. Your consultant will:

  • Discuss future performance and agree the following year’s objectives linked to school improvement and pupil attainment and progress
  • Assist in ensuring that objectives are ‘SMART’
  • Discuss the learning, development and support needs of the headteacher

Phase 3

Around the mid-year point, a review will be undertaken to evaluate progress against pre-established targets. You will consider:

  • The headteacher’s progress towards meeting the objectives, using evidence
  • The headteacher’s overall work and its impact on school improvement
  • The quality of teaching overall, indicative results
  • Any amendments to the headteacher’s objectives, if circumstances have changed.

Overall Outcomes

  • Appraisal which is firmly linked to the school improvement planning
  • Objectives clearly linked to the improvement of children’s education
  • An experience which is positive, supportive and motivating
  • Constructive and specific feedback provided to the Headteacher
  • Consideration given for effective work life balance


This structure completes a whole appraisal cycle; the components are negotiable depending on the requirements and expertise of the Governing body

To discuss your requirements in more detail

Please call 0121 285 0924 or email



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