“Every interaction you have is an opportunity to make a positive impact on others”.

The BEP Performance & Standards team have a strong record of positive impact on Birmingham’s schools and its young people. BEP’s 2019/20 Annual Report highlights some of the positive strides BEP is making within the city.


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BEP’s Priority Schools service was well received by schools and the results from our annual Priority Schools satisfaction survey, carried out by an independent consultant, were exceptional. Read what some had to say regarding Priority Partner effectiveness:

    • “The support since March 2020 has continued to be brilliant. Our Priority Partner has texted, emailed and phoned regularly to check we are clear on guidance and relevant legislation. This has been so useful with regard to our vulnerable families. This ‘touching base’ has been a much-needed lifeline during the COVID crisis.”

  • “Our Priority Partner has been professional, rigorous and extremely challenging. It is not a cosy relationship by any means… Discussions are always solution focused; she has good knowledge of the bigger, national picture.”

  • “The Priority Partner has made us a better school and improved standards strategically over time. She She can read a school’s situation and context effectively. She has a broad school improvement and Ofsted background yet is able to personalise the bigger picture to accommodate a local context.”

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