Training Material

Training Material (Incl. Ofsted)

Ofsted Briefings

Please see below for recent briefings delivered by Ofsted HMI members.

Ofsted Inspections during this Summer Term

Peter Humphries, Ofsted’s new Senior HMI West Midlands, provides ALL schools with an update on what to expect from Ofsted inspections during this Summer Term.  He will be detailing how inspections will take place and changes to the focus. 

Primary & Secondary Curriculum

Wayne Simner HMI encourages Primary colleagues to think about all aspects of the curriculum and provides advice and support around reading across the curriculum, building on the webinar led by Kirsty Godfrey HMI, delivered through Little Sutton English Hub. 

Ian Tustian HMI focusses on all aspects of the Secondary curriculum. However as a Maths and Post 16 specialist he provides particular advice on these areas.

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SEND and Curriculum Adjustment

The Education Inspection Framework, SEND and curriculum adjustment: High aspirations for all pupils’ led by Deb Jenkins HMI