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Covid 19 – Frequently asked questions

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Dame Alison Peacock – Chartered College of Teaching.

Primary Assessment: Thoughts and Suggestions Webinar 25 02 21

A presentation by Denise Harris from Services for Education giving her thoughts and suggestions for managing  the KS2 assessment process in the Summer Term 2021.  This will be highly useful for ALL schools secondary as well as Primary.

System leadership and supporting teachers during Covid

Dame Alison Peacock talks about the work of the Chartered College of Teaching and ways in which she believes our system could benefit from greater collegiality. She draws upon her own experience of system leadership and also from examples of ways in which the Chartered College has responded in support of teachers during COVID19.

Professor christine gilbert – ucl institute of education

Coming back stronger: learning from the pandemic

The nature and scale of the pandemic mean its impact is already profound. No one can be sure what any further changes will be or how permanent they will prove. This session draws on learning from the experiences of schools during the pandemic. It considers some very practical responses and initiatives that might well represent longer – term improvements in how schools work.

Headteacher / chairs of fora panel session

Managing schools through the pandemic

A Headteacher panel discussion that provides a view from each phase, raising key issues


andrew warren – department for education

An overview from an RSC perspective of this year for schools in England.

In keeping with the whole conference, we are keen to acknowledge current difficulties and help heads maintain a strategic perspective on the road ahead. Andrew generously agreed to give us some insights, while like us, he is living in a very uncertain time. Subjects for consideration will include: Inspections, Teaching Schools and Behaviour Hubs as well as Health.

james mcneillie – ofsted

Outlining Ofsted’s interim visits for the autumn 

A great opportunity to hear from our HMI Assistant Regional Director (West Midlands). As special OFSTED visits get going this month we know this is a particularly helpful session. This is made all the more interesting now that a couple of Birmingham schools (Primary and secondary) have been through the pilot visits, so we welcome James’s sense of how they will work in practice.

René Carayol – Executive Coach & Leadership Speaker

“No One is Born a Racist”

A 2020 has been one tough year, now, leaders in education are not only tasked with trying to stabilise how they operate during the pandemic, but they also know that in whatever form they seek to rebuild their organisation’s culture, it must be with a committed effort towards diversity, inclusion and equality. It shouldn’t take social movements like
#MeToo or #BlackLivesMatter to awaken a collective consciousness around long standing systemic biases. René  shares through contemporary stories on how some progressive leaders are going about driving the transformation of their cultures to be more caring and more inclusive in a pragmatic and practical manner.

Professor Steve Munby –  Institute of Education University College London

Imperfect Leadership in Challenging Times

None of us were taught how to lead in a pandemic and it isn’t on any leadership development program. We are in uncharted territory. There is no operating manual or set procedure. So how do we lead during unprecedently challenging times? How do we ensure that we take people with us when they may be feeling uncertain themselves? And, as the crisis gradually lessens, how do we help to create new, sustainable ways of working that are right for our new context? Building on his book “Imperfect Leadership – a book for leaders who know they don’t know it all” (Crown House Publications, 2019) Steve Munby argues that we need to celebrate and embrace the fact that we are imperfect leaders and that during challenging times this is even more crucial.

Colin Crehan – Holy Trinity Catholic School

Developing a successful school through a shared mission and commitment to effective collaboration

In this session we reflect upon what our recent lockdown experience has taught us about what really works in schools. We will reflect upon our true mission as educators by stripping back what is not important and focussing on the capacity and full potential that we all share. This session aims to provide engagement, an opportunity to think and hopefully a collective understanding how best we can all move forwards together.

Herminder Channa – ARK Boulton Academy

My reflections on leading a school in Covid-19 times

The quality of teaching and school leadership are two things which have the biggest impact on outcomes for disadvantaged children. As the education system begins to recover from Covid-19, Herminder believes there are opportunities to “do things differently” as a vehicle to tackle further inequalities that this pandemic will result in; meaning that great teachers and school leaders are going to be more important than ever.

Professor Deborah Youdell – university of birmingham

Birmingham Families’ experiences of learning and COVID-19 

An overview of the issues put to the Education Select Committee.

Professor karl kitching – university of birmingham

The experience of young people during COVID-19

Karl Kitching speaks about the findings of the UoB survey with young people, in which he
invites you to think creatively about key findings.