Families of Schools

The purpose of the Families of Schools documents is to help schools see how others with similar intakes serve their pupils. Headteachers in the London, Black Country and Manchester Challenges had access to a similar resource and really valued it as helpful, so we hope you take the time to familiarise yourself with it.

Schools in Birmingham face a number of challenges. They also boast an enormous collective pool of expert leaders and teachers. The purpose of the documents are to point you towards similar schools facing similar circumstances with whom you can share practice and experiences. Whatever the problem, the documents show there are always schools to whom you can turn and this is a very important and powerful school improvement tool. 

You can download the 2019 Families of Schools documents below:

2019 ks1 families of schools

2019 KS2 Families of schools

2019 KS4 families of schools

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