BEP Peer Review Programme Membership

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The BEP Peer Review Programme helps schools to rigorously challenge each other and identify priority areas for development. It supports schools in celebrating strengths and learning from one another within  culture of collective accountability.

The process is cyclical and aims to build a culture where self-evaluation, Peer Review and ongoing school to school support become embedded in the practice of Birmingham schools as part of their continual school improvement.

We currently have over 120 schools participating who find it an enriching and valuable process.

“There have been some truly dynamic ideas shared and developed leading to tangible change. It has been humbling to return to a school and see how far the school has moved since the previous review”.

“The professional collaboration has meant that all school have given freely, and everything has been shared as we are doing it to enhance the lives of children in Birmingham”.

“Our schools have been greatly enhanced by being part of the reviews; we never come away empty handed”.

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