Olivier Jamin: OJART

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Olivier Jamin, Deaf Artist, OJART to deliver presentation about myself, how I became an Artist to all ages in business, education and art galleries / museum.

Olivier can lead British Sign Language tours about his work on the wall or digital slideshow at the school or galleries / museums. He has been delivering the tours at Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) for all ages with a BSL Interpreter who is able to give a translation and voice over, vice versa. If you wish to have Olivier to deliver his talk about their exhibition space at the galleries, then please ask the local galleries for request.

If you have blank walls and would be interested in a lease of arts showing Olivier‘s artwork in your venue then please contact him.

Collaboration projects can be done in many ways such as, participants can be involved by creating the arts and showcase their banners / installation / Digital slideshow through TV or large screen, art exhibition and projector screen art slideshow. 

If you wish to know more about my services and then please contact Olivier by email.