SEND Offer

Bespoke SEND Support Packages

  • Supporting leaders to improve the quality of SEND provision and inclusive practice in their settings
  • Upskilling SEND leaders in all aspects of SEND and inclusion
  • Project management support for collaborative schools partnerships that are committed to developing inclusive practice and improving provision for vulnerable learners
  • Workshops with a focus on teaching and learning and pedagogy around how to best integrate SEND pupils into the whole class QFT cycle

SEND Reviews evaluate the effectiveness of provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Whole School SEND review materials are used to evaluate the effectiveness of provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. A report outlining strengths as well as identifying areas for development is produced, including recommendations for moving forward. 

What happens during a SEND Review?

Schools are required to complete a self-evaluation form before the review takes place. This can provide us with some useful information and help the school to focus on what it does well and areas for development. It is recommended that the SENCO and a member of the SLT complete the self- evaluation together. Information regarding activities which might be included in the review day and required paperwork are detailed below. 

SEND Review Programme Activities

  • Gathering views from a range of stakeholders including the Head teacher, SENCO, Pupils, Class teachers, Parents, Support agencies

  • Learning Walk

  • Observation of intervention session for pupils with SEND

  • A tour of school

  • Paperwork Scrutiny

  • Book Looks

  • Review of Case studies

  • Observation of unstructured activities

(The school can decide how they would like the day to be structured)

Required paperwork

  • Statutory policies relating to SEND

  • Current Progress data, including pre/post intervention data

  • Comparative data for SEND pupils

  • SEND development / action plans

  • Provision Maps

  • External Reviews or reports

  • Exemplar pupil passports / provision plans or similar

  • CPD Programme for staff relating to SEND

(some of this will take place prior to the review day)

    For more information contact our Project Lead,  Faye Whittle (Inclusion Consultant)