KiVa Anti-Bullying Programme

KiVa celebrates diversity and increases social inclusion by fostering attitudes of tolerance and acceptance in everyone

KiVa stands for against bullying or anti-bullying and is a research-based anti-bullying programme that has been developed in the University of Turku, Finland. KiVa is about celebrating diversity and increasing social inclusion by fostering attitudes of tolerance and acceptance in everyone. KiVa has been shown to reduce bullying and increase well-being in schools. While KiVa has a structured intervention for dealing with acute cases of bullying, its focus is on preventing incidents of bullying in the first place. It does this by using a whole-school approach with lessons that cover over 50% of the PSHE curriculum. 

BEP delivers training to identified staff (up to 3 members of staff per school) to develop a school task force or ‘KiVa team’ responsible for overseeing the running of the programme in their school. The programme includes an annual child online survey, whole school activities and materials, class lessons, online games for children, a parents’ website, and materials for a school parents evening. Ongoing support is also be provided following the training.

Birmingham has been chosen as one of the 4 UK research sites for the Stand Together Trial – a research collaboration of leading UK universities that are seeking to assess the effectiveness of the KiVa schools anti-bullying program in the UK. For more information, please get in touch with Catherine Stanford at the University of Warwick, by email (, or via telephone (07384231421). Further information can also be found on the Stand Together Trial twitter page (@Stand_2gether).

For more information on the KiVA programme, please use the following link:

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