“Every interaction you have is an opportunity to make a positive impact on others”.

The BEP Mental Health & Wellbeing Team have a strong record of positive impact on Birmingham schools and its young people. Read about some of our successes.

    • Colmers School –  “A huge thank you for all the support guidance, advice and signposting you and your team have once again provided for us this year.”
    • Holy Trinity Catholic School –  “Thank you sincerely for the ongoing sharing of resources, words of wisdom and support and for being there at this most unreal of times”.
  • Hall Green School –  “Thank you so much for all of the resources, webinars and general information that you have sent to us. Also, thanks for being so lovely, your kind words and encouragement and definitely helped during this very strange time. Mandy McCrohon our strategic well-being lead has continued to support our school and myself on a regular basis. She has enabled me and also given me the confidence to cascade NewStarts work to the school.   The team provide continuous training in all areas of mental health/emotional well-being for staff.  There is also support and a chance to share good practice with other colleagues from other schools.  Our pupils have said that their understanding of well-being has developed following the introduction of NewStart to our forms”.
    King Edward Handsworth – “Thanks for all you have done to support me and the school since we joined NewStart and I just want you to pass on how important I think the work you do is”.
  • “Thank you for all the resources and e-mail support over the last four months….  We are adopting Wellbeing Hubs from September to support year group bubbles and many of the resources you have circulated will be used to support our pupils on their return”.
  • “Anna Bateman, Mandy McCrohon and Anna Robinson introduced their NewStart programme in a professional, competent and user friendly manner allowing us a smooth start to what has been a brilliant scheme of work to support our younger pupils in developing their emotional resilience”.
  • “Thank you for your support and the resources this term it really has helped with supporting our students”.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. IT DOES”.

The BEP Mental Health & Wellbeing training courses can help you to make a difference in not only someone else’s life, but in your own too.

  • In-school twilight training at Wheelers Lane Boys, relayed by Mental Health Lead and Deputy Head Teacher
    “A number of staff approached me after the training to say that they had really enjoyed it. They had found it engaging and thought provoking. Staff commented that they felt it gave them a greater understanding childhood trauma, and how this could impact on their behaviour and learning in school.
    One member of staff found the comments on the lack of emotional literacy so profound that she went and printed out the Wheel (sorry don’t know how to spell it) and started to use it with her English classes the next day. This is something that we will look at, as a school, to start to help pupils develop their emotional literacy.
    Staff also said they would like more training like this as it gave them a better understanding of resilience and mental health in children rather than just what mental health is. 
    Staff said that BEP delivered the course in a clear way and there was a good balance between information being delivered and engaging in discussion with colleagues”.
  • Handsworth Wood Girls relayed from the Director of Pastoral Care 
    “This has really inspired me to help our students – a really fantastic training session, I hope we do more!”
     “This training made complete sense and has made me think about our students and why some of them have difficulty concentrating and learning in lessons”.
      “I didn’t know about ACE children – I now see the importance of sharing information with staff so that our students can receive greater support”.
      “This training was pertinent to our staff and to our setting.  All staff were engaged throughout the session which was lively, interesting, and thought provoking”.
  • “Thank you so much, really enjoyed this course and how to go about supporting mental health and self-harm.” 
  • “My field is working with young people with brain injuries,  and sometimes differentiating cognitive deficits from ABI and mental health difficulties is challenging,  but you have given me very clear info, awareness and strategies to help me better do this   –  so thanks so much! I will be including signposting to the organisations when I do school brain injury awareness sessions.”
  • “Sajda also delivered with understanding of the impact on individuals in the room. She created a safe environment. Sajda was a skilled and knowledgeable trainer – engaging and sensitive to the needs of the group.”
  • “The course has been informative, well delivered and powerful. I have learnt many strategies I can use both in my personal life and within my professional role. Sajda has been sensitive and supportive – thank you.”
  • “Excellent course content and delivery and it was pitched perfectly for the Audience. I thought the course was excellent. It has given me just enough knowledge and confidence to feel that I could be an effective Mental Health Champion and to signpost and open doors for people and colleagues who may need my support.”
  • “Sajda’s delivery was exceptional and she had a positive effect on everyone in the room. Her approach and handling of some very tough subject matter was excellent and i left the room not only energised but also wanting to learn so much more. The best trainer and best course i have attended in a long time (and i have been on plenty of them). Sajda was brilliant. The depth of knowledge was clear.”

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