Mental Health and NewStart

NewStart is an expert-led approach to whole school improvement for resilience.  

At BEP there are a number of ways we provide support to schools around mental health and well-being:

  • Training for all schools through our ‘mental health shorts’ CPD series available throughout the year on key themes

  • Training and supervision for staff in school

  • Whole school approach through the NewStart approach in secondary schools (this is now being extended to some primaries as well)

Currently funded through the NHS to work with secondary schools in the city, this asset-building approach helps school leaders develop sustainable, whole school, targeted systems that build resilience approaches. The key is to support pupils and staff raise achievement over time. 

As an asset-building approach rather than a prescriptive programme, NewStart seeks to build strength and confidence within existing school systems. 

Our school improvement resilience leads are highly experienced education professionals with extensive experience in schools.  Trained by Young Minds and Brighton University in the Academic Resilience Approach and overseen by a clinical lead through Birmingham Education Partnership, the team will work with you to:

  • Offer consultancy to senior leaders to review your school’s ethos, culture, systems and processes around Emotional Health and Well-being and a strengthened position in relation to Ofsted expectations.

  • Coach key staff to understand the circumstances, the tools available and how to apply them to move learning into sustainable action.

  • Help schools to use tried and tested methods to identify pupils who are vulnerable to poor outcomes (both education and well-being) and step up support sooner through whole school and targeted approaches.

  • Lead differentiated training to your staff on resilience and emotional well-being.

  • Strengthen the pupil voice in your school by building resilience through engagement with young people.

  • Provide opportunities to share practice and undertake CPD with colleagues and professionals across the city.

Project Lead: Anna Robinson (BEP Mental Health Lead)

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