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If you represent a Birmingham school, as a leader, staff member or as a Governor – then you are BEP. Established in 2013 to ensure a deeply good education for every Birmingham child – academic, social and civic – and to hold the increasingly disconnected family of Birmingham schools together, the Birmingham Education Partnership still pursues these aims. Because the family is as mixed as it is and the education landscape is forever changing, it is important to understand what it means to ‘be BEP’. Our Membership Brochure seeks to clarify what it is to be part of the partnership; it is an invitation to receive maximum benefit appropriate to your school, but more importantly it is an invitation to own BEP and to be part of building a better Birmingham for the benefit of all. 

Each school will be either:

A Universal Member

As schools face harder times financially, and in some cases have to pay into a central MAT pot, we do not want anyone to think they are on the outside of BEP because they can’t afford membership – so universal membership is free to every Birmingham school and gives you access to most of what we offer. Wherever we bid for money or enter into partnerships with Health, Mental Health, the Arts, Physical Activity and Education, Careers or Global Education, we do it for the benefit of all and are generally needs led. When we speak up for Birmingham schools, offer universal services, listen to the needs of schools and engage schools in the leadership and governance of BEP, we do not limit what we do only for those who pay in. 

An Enhanced Member

It is our sincere hope that every school will take this up for two reasons. Firstly, it saves you money through the services and discounts that you access. More than ever we have sought to make Enhanced Membership a sound financial contact that provides opportunities and services you need, either for free or at a reduced cost. Secondly, for every school that invests in BEP we become stronger. You choosing this membership signifies your active support for the BEP concept. Memberships enable us to do more for the good of all, especially those schools that need it most. While it might not be you this year, there is a sense in which you are buying into an insurance service for the time when your school does need it more. Over time your ownership, voice, active involvement in school to school working and financial investment in a strong BEP is the best way of ensuring we build collective strength in Birmingham. BEP is one way of designing out the trend of the strong getting stronger and the poorest and weakest schools remaining stuck. Ultimately, this is about us all actively caring about all our children. 

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