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LIT Programme Hub School

The LIT programme is a literacy and English acceleration programme for lower attaining pupils in Year 7. It can be used as an alternative or in addition to the English curriculum with small groups of students. As a hub school, we host sessions for schools who have purchased or are considering purchasing The LIT Programme. The half-day sessions demonstrate effective ways of delivering the programme, exemplify best practice and include an opportunity to see a LIT lesson in progress.

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Integrated Learning Days – Embedding creativity in the curriculum

This workshop will describe how we introduced three integrated learning days into the Year 7 curriculum. Initially the days were designed to support the development of student resilience by offering students an opportunity to learn beyond the ‘subject silos’ that compartmentalise and create barriers to learning. However, the combination of subject groups and leaders assigned to the planning and delivery of each day had a far-reaching and unexpected additional benefit. Assigning the Lead Professionals of each of the arts subjects to lead the initiative resulted in Integrated Learning Days with a strong creative influence. Teachers from a range of subject areas delivered creative learning opportunities inspired by music, art and drama. Students ‘enjoyed having the freedom to learn in a different way’ and ‘make their own decisions and be creative’.  

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