SEND Maturity Model

This SEND Maturity project has been set up to grow additional SEND capacity and develop a SEND maturity model for sharing panels across the city.

It is currently taking place in the north of the city, using a young sharing panel and developing it into an integrated SEND assessment and resource management group.

The project aims to:

  • Review the strengths and weaknesses and development of opportunities for closer integration of SEND support and pastoral/behaviour management functions to develop a greater SEND maturity in North Birmingham.
  • Allow schools to show a greater shared capacity to build on strengths in terms of curriculum provision and support for pupils with clear SEND barriers to learning and exploring the potential for specialisation and expertise development.
  • Review consistency of decision making around managed moves in the panel.
  • Extract this learning for application to other sharing panels in the city.
  • UItilise transition support as a way of growing strength in secondary settings to support primary partners.

This is being achieved through a series of reviews of each school, namely a Therapeutic Review and Whole School SEND Review.

The Whole School SEND Review is completed by an approved SEND reviewer who will work with individual schools in reviewing their provision and practice around SEND.

The Therapeutic Review is led by BEP colleagues from a mental health background and involve the team working closely together with schools to identify those approaches that are working best with diverse groups of young people in different settings, explore the challenges schools are wrestling with and the areas they want to do better in. An observation report is co-produced which draws on the experience of pupils, families and staff. Each review is internal and bespoke to each school.

    Project Lead: Tom Ashley (BEP Inclusion Director)

    For more information contact our Inclusion team.

    Please get in touch with the office on 0121 285 0924


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