Inclusion Lead Role

Recruitment Information for Inclusion Lead based at Birmingham Education Partnership

Job role

To ensure the delivery of the BEP – BCC contract in terms of pupils with SEND and other vulnerable groups and to support the Chief Executive in building inclusive capacity, ethos and collectivism amongst Birmingham schools by:   

  • Working with stakeholders to create a sustainable mechanisms through which schools will access information about ideas and resources that will help them to develop excellent inclusive practice at all levels, supported by frameworks for assessing impact
  • Working in partnership with the BEP Mental Health Lead and to engage multiple partners in the construction of an overarching BEP Inclusion offer for all Birmingham Schools with direct links to school performance and standards.
  • Creating and delivering specific BEP inclusion offers (including Peer Partnering) that enable schools to demonstrate best practice, fulfil their inclusion responsibilities, and that support overall school performance and standards.
  • Working with the whole BEP team to create a sustainable model for the development and ongoing delivery of this inclusion work


Key responsibilities

  • To establish an inclusion strand to the BEP Peer Review Programme.
  • To maximize school engagement with and deployment of the inclusion strand of the BEP peer review.
  • To create a BEP inclusion review offer for Birmingham schools, integrating clinical and school leadership perspectives.
  • To compile the “Dictionary of Everything” cataloguing discrete approaches to inclusive interventions and support with an accompanying impact assessment framework.
  • To pilot the BEP inclusion offer with an initial group of schools.
  • To establish the BEP inclusion offer, secure schools that wish to take up the offer, and ensure successful delivery
  • Identify other potential BEP inclusion offers and develop costed proposals for development..
  • To line manage the Inclusion project worker.

Other duties

To communicate effectively utilising different vehicles ie letter, email, phone or face to face, with all parties including external agents and/or partners, colleagues and associates at all times.

The post holder may be required to lead or support other projects as required by the organisation.

To undertake any other duty as required by the organisation, commensurate with pay grade, skills and experience.

To work with BEP colleagues to:

  • Develop a shared knowledge of BEP projects and products, and create opportunities for mutually beneficial linkages between them.
  • Provide mutual support to the development, marketing and delivery of all BEP projects and projects.

Person Specification

Qualifications & Experience

  • Proven successful Head teacher with latest Ofsted indicating outstanding or likely to be at the next inspection
  • Significant experience of transforming schools
  • Proven track record of effective school to school support

Key Skills & Knowledge

  • Essential:

    • Detailed understanding of the inclusion agenda, school responsibilities, and the school context.
    • Experience of leading the inclusion agenda within a school setting.
    • Knowledge of system led school improvement to include:
      • Models of effective system-led leadership
      • Strategic planning processes, tools and techniques
      • Ways of achieving stakeholder engagement
      • Leading change, creativity and innovation
    • Think strategically, analytically and creativity
    • Build capacity across the schools and achieve sustainability
    • Deal with complexity and uncertainty
    • Build a vision and communicate clear purpose and sense of direction
    • Anticipate lead and manage change
    • Use research to support and challenge practice
    • Inspire, challenge, motivate and empower others to attain challenging outcomes
    • Celebrate achievement and acknowledge success
    • Listen reflect and communicate effectively
    • Foster an open, fair and equitable culture
    • Motivate, empower and sustain individual schools and groups of schools
    • High standards of personal and professional conduct
    • Recognise the importance of acting with integrity


    • Knowledge of system led school improvement to include:
      • Developments in education at local, national and global levels
      • Demonstrate political acumen
    • Knowledge and understanding of leading people to include:
      • Support and development systems for individual and groups of schools
      • Brokering and commissioning support
      • Strengths, capabilities and areas of need across all schools in the City
    • Negotiate and manage conflict providing appropriate support

Personal Qualities

  • Flexible
  • Energetic
  • Empathetic
  • Resilient
  • Drive and determination
  • Positivity

Key Performance Measures

  • Increased engagement in  Inclusion Peer Review during academic year 2018-19 and 2019-20
  • Increased involvement in BEP  inclusion Peer Review during 2018-2019
  • Increased update of inclusion arm of BEP  as traded service 2019- 2020
  • Decreased Permanent Exclusions in  maintained BEP schools 2018-19 and 2019-20
  • Decreased Fixed Term Exclusions in maintained BEP schools 2018-19 and 2019-20
  • Increased attendance of vulnerable groups in maintained BEP schools during academic year  2018-19
  • Improved attendance of vulnerable groups in  maintained  BEP schools during academic year  2019-20
  • BEP is compliant with all legislation and good practice guidance in relation to data protection.
  • BEP has access to analysed data that enables business to be delivered and reported, and new business proposals to be developed.


The organisation reserves the right to make reasonable changes to this job description in consultation with the employee.

To apply please forward details of your education/career history and referees, using either a CV or existing teacher application form, to  Please also enclose a covering letter (maximum 2 sides of A4) indicating your suitability for the role against the job description and person specification.

Deadline for applicationsSunday 27th January 2019

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