Association of Central Teaching Schools (ACTS)

The Association of Central Teaching Schools (ACTS) is made up of 20+ Teaching Schools (TSA) and their alliances.

BEP meets with the group each half term to broker support and challenge for individual schools as well as commissioning city wide CPD for areas of development. The ACTS web site and associated CPD provided by each TSA can be accessed through this web site.

National Teaching Schools are designated by the Government to support school improvement.

Birmingham’s Teaching School Alliances ACTS (Association of Central Teaching Schools) as they are known, work closely with BEP in the shaping of the current educational strategy and the delivery of school improvement activity. ACTS has strong regional links in the West Midlands and is represented on the Teaching Schools West Midlands Strategy Board. Working closely with the West Midlands Strategy Board, ACTS identifies opportunities to bid for additional funding to support school improvement activities.

ACTS are an integral part of BEPs school to school work and lead in the following areas:

  • delivering school-led initial teacher training (ITT), including School Direct
  • providing tailored continuing professional development to staff across their alliances
  • supporting other schools, usually working with a school or academy in challenging circumstances to bring about improvement
  • identifying and developing future leaders
  • recruiting and managing specialist leaders of education: outstanding middle and senior leaders who develop leaders in other schools
  • building on existing research and sharing new research and development

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To find out more about the Association of Central Teaching Schools

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