Global Development

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Interactive Ideas

Use these interactive resources as a way to introduce different global topics, and bring the issues to life for the students. These can be adjusted for different age groups.

Compass Rose

This can be adapted for use in many lessons around different global topics, in particular can be a useful visualisation of problems that are discussed in geography lessons. 

Lesson Plans

Seen & Heard Video 

World’s Largest Lesson Plans

The World’s Largest Lesson plans are designed to help schools incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals into lessons. Here you can find access to full lesson plans, classroom decorations, logos and links to use the Goals in your lessons. There is also access to an Educator Training Course around teaching the Goals. 


There are lots of resources available for all ages around refugees, migrants and asylum seekers. 

Global Goals Board Game

The Go-Goals website has sustainable development goal materials aimed at young people, particularly primary school. Download the Global Goal Board Game, with instructions for your classroom. 

Gender Equality