BEP Blog – Issue 74 – 21 January 2019

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Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you have all had a good weekend. We had some really great feedback from the DfE based on our termly monitoring report at the end of last term. I shared it with Primary forum last week and everyone there agreed that it was great (and highly unusual!) for the DfE to hold such a positive view of Birmingham. So to inject you all with a sense of “aren’t we lucky to work in Birmingham Schools” at the start of the week here are the DfE SSIF project feedback headlines:
  • Both of the Birmingham SSIF (1) and (2) projects were once again RAG rated “very positively green” with “no points of clarification needed”.
  • The “richness of information and evidence provided on both termly monitoring reports (TMR) was excellent”.
  • Birmingham is one of only a handful of projects that was not required to submit additional mitigation or evidence.
  • The DfE is “confident and assured” that Birmingham SSIF (1) and (2) action plans are on target to achieve planned outcomes.
  • The inclusion of indicative SATs data/outcomes within the Birmingham TMRs was of a particularly high standard and extremely useful for onward reporting.
  • The DfE has used the format of the Birmingham TMRs (anonymised) to share with other SSIF project teams to show the sort of evidence and data that should be included.
  • The quality of Head teacher testimonials is outstanding. They “clearly demonstrate investment in the projects and improvement at both whole school and classroom level”.
  • The inclusion of Ofsted feedback demonstrating clear progress by project schools was “insightful”
  • No suggestions for improvement.
I will get to see many of you tomorrow at the KS2 Families of Schools event/Ofsted consultation and I feel very tempted to style it like an Achievement assembly. Birmingham getting positive praise from London HURRAY!


Director of Continuous School Improvement, Birmingham Education Partnership