BEP is commissioned to provide a number of services either under contract, or provides them through award of grant funding from other bodies.

BEP delivers its charitable objectives through delivery of a number of initiatives funded by membership subscription and grant awards, and through the delivery of commissioned services provided under contract.

Projects delivered through grant funding are briefly described with links to other pages on the website for more detail. BEP’s main contract is with Birmingham City Council. The high level objectives of that contract are summarised. 

BEP is a membership organisation which raises funds through membership subscription ad receives awards of grant from funding bodies. This funding supports the organisational structure that enables BEP to operate and to deliver a range of activities that support its charitable objectives. Funding from membership also enables grant funded projects and contracted services to be supported and enhanced where necessary.

BEP currently receives grant awards from:

  • Arts Connect: to help schools to provide high quality arts experiences and curriculum for their pupils.
  • The Careers and Enterprise Company: to help secondary schools to provide high quality careers information and work experiences for their pupils through enhanced school careers plans and links to business.
  • The Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG: to help schools to provide school environments that support the emotional wellbeing of their pupils and helps schools to identify, and support, those pupils most in need of support for their emotional wellbeing.

BEP is commissioned by Birmingham City Council (BCC) to provide Education Improvement Services on behalf of the Council until the end of the academic year 2017/18. BCC commissions BEP to raise standards in schools and to improve outcomes for all children and young people across the city. This includes involvement in the decision making process surrounding use of the statutory powers of intervention (including IEB’s and warning notices) managing the “cross-cutting” process and maintaining an overview of school improvement.

The contract envisages partnership working between BEP and the Council that: allows early intervention where school performance is deteriorating, enables timely and effective intervention to take place where underperformance is identified; encourages strong working relationships between head teachers that enables peer to peer support and challenge to take place.

Additional contracts are negotiated with individual schools for the provision of school support services outside of the BCC contract.

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