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Currently, the Mental Health & Wellbeing newsletter is sent out fortnightly. The purpose of the newsletter is to ensure all schools are informed of all BEP Mental Health & Wellbeing initiatives and activities and signposted to any events, training, resources or updates that BEP feel would be of value to schools.

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2021/22 AUTUMN TERM – ISSUE 1 – Welcome Back! Another Year Begins!



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Mental Health & Wellbeing Resources Bulletin

sleep & the link to children’s wellbeing – 08.02.21

the benefits of regular physical activity & its positive effect on mental wellbeing – 01.02.21

how to maintain good well-being & where to get help – 11.01.21

our body’s need for water, physical well-being & connection to mental well-being – 18.01.21

who & what makes us feel connected, anchored & calm – 25.01.21

benefits of regular physical exercise & its positive effect on well-being – 01.02.21

sleep & the link to children’s well-being – 08.02.21

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