Building Diversity into the Curriculum

Blended Learning Support: Building Diversity into the Curriculum

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Curriculum development (pre & post George Floyd) and how it translates to intent, implementation and impact

Harper Bell Seventh-day Adventist Primary School is a small, inner-city Christian school located in the centre of Birmingham. They have designed their curriculum under-pinned by the belief that “British history” is “black history” and vice-versa. They believe it is impossible to teach one without the other and that as teachers, we must not avoid teaching the “tricky bits” of British history and culture.

René Carayol – Executive Coach & Leadership Speaker 

“No One is Born a Racist”

2020 has been one tough year, now, leaders in education are not only tasked with trying to stabilise how they operate during the pandemic, but they also know that in whatever form they seek to rebuild their organisation’s culture, it must be with a committed effort towards diversity, inclusion and equality. It shouldn’t take social movements like #MeToo or #BlackLivesMatter to awaken a collective consciousness around long standing systemic biases. René will share through contemporary stories on how some progressive leaders are going about driving the transformation of their cultures to be more caring and more inclusive in a pragmatic and practical manner.

becky patel – tech she can charter

Inspiring more children, particularly girls, to see the possibility that a job in technology can bring

Technology is set to influence every aspect of our lives; we need to ensure that the people creating our technology solutions are representative of the population and that there is an equal opportunity to take part in the jobs of the future. The FREE Tech We Can lesson plans and Tech Tuesday Webcasts have been created to help inspire children in years 6, 7 and 8 to consider a future career in technology.

dr jawiria naseem – university of birmingham 

Birmingham BAME Families’ experiences of learning and COVID-19

An account of the experiences of BAME families and identify the issues these highlight for the year ahead.

rubina darr – cromwell learning community academy trust

Justice and Inclusion – Opportunities for all. Decolonising the curriculum

This session showcases the work Cromwell Learning Community has embarked on to diversify and decolonise how the primary curriculum is delivered across CLC in line with our school vision. This is particularly important in light of current events. They have designed a curriculum that inspires pupils and enables them to appreciate the contributions of different civilisations and cultures throughout our histories. Children must have access to knowledge that deepens their understanding of different civilisations to where, how, and why we are in the world today.

hazel pulley- excelsior mat

Representation and dialogue

Navigating a response to Black Lives Matter and unconscious bias in a primary school setting.

nazma meah – the nazma project

Empowering girls via reading projects to increase SATS/GCSE results

The Nazma Project empowers girls to do well   at their SATS and GCSE’s to ensure they get good results enabling and empowering them for the future via reading.