Birmingham Young Researchers Project 2022

What has helped to make Birmingham the city it is today?

Why have people chosen to live, work and visit Birmingham?

You are invited to take part in an exciting project to celebrate the arrival of the Commonwealth Games 2022 to our city and to showcase the historical and current achievements.

The project hopes that young people will research some of the civic history of Birmingham and explore themes such as trade, communities, migration and explore plans for the future.

It is open to infant, primary, secondary and special schools.

What will happen to your project findings?

All research will be made available on school websites in film, presentation or hardcopy form and all B’ham schools will be signposted to them by BEP. For around 20 schools, their research will form part of a visual presentation to be shown to worldwide visitors who come to visit Birmingham for the Commonwealth Games in July 2022.

What will the young researchers do?

• Learn research skills such as data gathering, and analysis, deciding on their methodology ethics.

• Discover and use effectively what previous research has found out.

• Learn how to present a fair and balanced answer and form conclusions based on their findings.

• Develop confidence to present their project to a much wider audience.

• Develop speaking and listening skills and apply reading, writing and maths knowledge to their work.

• Work effectively as part of a team of fellow researchers 

What will the teacher researcher do?

• Access a teacher research group where they will be supported and coached to lead research work in their school.

• With support from the headteacher, organise and manage the research project and ensure that the children and young people learn the appropriate skills to help them deliver a final project.

• Develop new skills which can be transferred to other areas

• Keep the BEP research team informed of progress.

• Showcase the high quality research work in their school.

How will BEP will support you?

• Initial project briefing introducing young people as researchers, research issues and ethical questions to consider, and guidance to resources.

• Central research team who will provide guidance and support throughout the project.

• Provide technical support with Q&A.

• Organise the final showcasing of the research work.

• Promote each research topic on the BEP Bulletin.

• Provide written guidance on use of young researchers and signposting to practical advice.

Apply / send an expression of interest to Lucy Kevern by 18th March.