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The world of working is changing rapidly. New technology and industry changes create some new jobs and also make others obsolete. Alongside the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic changing the way jobs are carried out and having a huge impact on the job market, it can be hard to keep up. It is important that young people are given the tools and information to aid their decisions about future careers and LMI is a key part of this.

The Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP) is an organisation who has a mission to drive the inclusive economic growth of the Greater Birmingham and Solihull area, creating jobs and increasing the quality of life for all its residents.

GBSLEP has identified five key growth areas within the region: Life Sciences, Creative Industries, Energy Technologies, Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering and Business, Professional and Financial Services

How can LMI help young people decide what to do next? 

 Having up to date, high quality information can help students decide things about their future such as:

  • Are there opportunities close to where I live in the sector I am interested in or will I need to relocate?
  • How competitive is the industry I am interested in?
  • Are there enough jobs and do I need to have a back-up plan?
  • Does the pay for the job I want align to what I would like to earn?
  • What is the best route for me to take to get to the job I would like?
  • Is the industry I would like to work in growing or shrinking?

Five Key Growth Areas

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If you have an interest in any of the above and would like to find out more please get in touch.

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