Sustainability Project Resources


Recent documentaries such as the BBC’s ‘Drowning in Plastic’ and David Attenborough’s ‘Planet Earth’ have had an impact on public consciousness and shown how vital it is to educate everyone, and especially the next generation, about how we can help. Schools are keen to play their part and are doing so in different ways. Eco Clubs are one way to encourage interest and involvement and can be very rewarding, especially when children are given responsibility to make their own decisions about the changes they want to see and the opportunity to improve their own school environment.

Our Employer Network has put together sustainability challenge booklets that you can download and use within your school. These could be used to help focus on careers within sustainability roles, create a whole school Eco project or for small groups to take on a green challenge in the school or  wider community. More projects will be released in October 2022.

*Jacobs developed these resources for use by schools in Birmingham in 2022. Jacobs looks forward to launching updated resources in 2023 which will be available globally on

Earn Your Wings: Taking flight with the Butterfly Effect

School’s Sustainability Strategy Workbook

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