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Big Brum’s touring plays can be booked in different ways; as a Theatre in Education programme where workshops are interwoven with the performance, or as a performance only for larger groups, up to entire year groups.

The Theatre in Education programme is our preferred way of working, which is with one class or group of up to 30 children or young people. When working with small groups we include visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities to explore the themes and dilemmas presented by the theatre/drama performance. Our work is highly regarded by schools for its originality and ability to make plays resonate with young people and their lives today. We recently toured a fresh new version of ‘Macbeth’ and also ‘Flee’, exploring the plight of a Syrian refugee.

The Company’s approach involves using theatre and drama to explore deep questions and relevant concepts alongside young people, to help them make meaning of their lives and the world around them.  We aim to develop thinking skills so that children & young people are given an experience that requires analysis, collaboration, decision-making, justifying and evaluating, thereby building skills towards genuinely critical, creative and imaginative thinking.  

We are committed to robust evaluations and research that attest to the artistic, social and educational impact of our work, and we continually collect feedback and testimony from teachers and children that evidence significant learning outcomes as a result of working with Big Brum.

artistic policy and nine principles of engagement

We also deliver extended work with schools and community groups, and there are detailed blogs of our work.

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There are also film trailers for our last tour ‘Flee’ and new autumn 2018 tour ‘Worlds Apart Together’.

Flee / Big Brum 2018

Worlds Apart Together



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