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It is has been both reassuring and inspiring to see teachers attend a range of events that have taken place over the last two months. This blog will highlight what BAS has been up to recently, what we’ve got coming up and just like last month, we’ve got big announcements!

What we announced last month:

Last month we announced a ground-breaking initiative in collaboration with Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Birmingham Royal Ballet, to elevate arts education in the face of challenges posed by the English Baccalaureate. Birmingham Arts School is leading an innovative initiative to launch pilot GCSE Dance and GCSE Drama courses within two prestigious arts organizations, starting this September.

Here’s why this initiative is a game-changer:

  • Unprecedented Access to Professional Environments: Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Birmingham Royal Ballet will serve as vibrant settings for the courses, exposing students to professional stages, lighting, and sound systems from day one. These immersive experiences will provide a taste of the real-world atmosphere of the performing arts, setting the stage for successful future careers.

  • Inspiration from Industry professionals: Students will have the opportunity to learn from and interact with industry professionals. Workshops, Q&A sessions, and mentorship opportunities will be integral components, inspiring young minds and offering unparalleled insights into the worlds of drama and dance.

  • Networking and Career Pathways: The proximity to industry professionals creates invaluable networking opportunities for students. This initiative aims not only to teach dance and drama but to cultivate connections that can lead to internships, mentorships, and potential career paths within the arts.

  • Birmingham’s Rich Artistic Heritage: Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Birmingham Royal Ballet boast rich histories and traditions. By studying within these institutions, students will be part of a cultural legacy, contributing to and drawing inspiration from the vibrant artistic community in Birmingham.

This project presents an opportunity for schools that are not able to offer GCSE Dance and GCSE Drama.

Studying GCSE Dance and GCSE Drama within an arts organisation, can offer young people exciting opportunities that may differ from those in a traditional school environment. Here are several reasons why:

  • Professional Environment: Theatres provide a professional setting where students can experience the real-world atmosphere of the performing arts. This exposure can enhance their understanding of the industry and help them develop a sense of professionalism from an early stage.

  • Access to Industry Professionals: Being in a theatre environment allows students to interact with and learn from industry professionals, such as actors, directors, choreographers, and technicians. Guest workshops, Q&A sessions, and mentorship opportunities can provide invaluable insights and guidance.

  • Practical Experience: Theatres often have fully equipped facilities, including stages, lighting, and sound systems. This allows students to engage in hands-on, practical experiences that closely mimic professional productions. This practical exposure is essential for skill development and can be more immersive in a theatre setting.

  • Networking Opportunities: The close proximity to professionals in the field allows students to build connections and network within the industry. This networking can open doors to future opportunities, internships, and even potential career paths in the performing arts.

  • Inspiration from Live Performances: Theatres regularly host live performances, providing students with the chance to watch professional productions. Experiencing live performances can be particularly inspiring and can broaden students’ perspectives on what is possible in the world of dance and drama.

  • Collaboration and Teamwork: The collaborative nature of theatre productions encourages students to work closely with their peers and professionals from different disciplines. This fosters teamwork and communication skills, which are valuable not only in the arts but also in various aspects of life.

  • Creative Expression: The unique atmosphere of a theatre can stimulate creativity and encourage students to explore their artistic potential. The rich history and traditions of theatre can inspire students to appreciate and contribute to the ongoing cultural legacy of the performing arts.

  • Access to Specialised Resources: Theatres often have specialized resources, such as costume and prop departments, that may not be readily available in a school setting. This access allows students to engage in more comprehensive and authentic creative processes.

  • Exposure to Different Art Forms: Theatres are hubs for various artistic expressions, including dance, drama, music, and visual arts. Studying within this environment exposes students to a broader range of artistic disciplines, fostering a more holistic understanding of the arts.

We are still seeking schools looking to sign up their young people onto these courses. The cost of this programme will be £495 per young person, per year. If you are interested in signing young people onto this course please do not hesitate to get in touch with us – email

Birmingham Art School is soon launching the S.T.A.G.E Web App. ‘Surplus Tickets Are Great Experiences’ is a web app created by InEdTech Solutions and Birmingham Arts School was developed to ensure more young people get access to high quality performances across the city. Working alongside B:Music, The Alexandra, Birmingham Royal Ballet,  Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham Repertory Theatre and City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra this app will provide schools with access to free ticket offers for shows where there is extra capacity.

Birmingham Arts School prioritises schools in deprived areas with limited arts access for initial connection to the Stage Web App. We will gradually expand access citywide.

​To find the full list of eligible schools and nominate a represent from your school to access the app please use the following web link:

Each school in the list outlined, will be able to claim one set of surplus tickets via the Stage Web App, every 6 months. In this way we ensure there is an even spread of ticket access for young people across the city. 

The list will be expanded in the near future so if you do not see your school listed yet, your time will come! We’re really excited to bring this app to Birmingham Schools as we understand the pressures on funding schools are facing and we want to ensure that these pressures do not limit or sacrifice the creative experiences that young people in the city deserve.

On Tuesday 11th June at the Midlands Arts Centre, we are hosting our first ever Birmingham Arts School Celebration event. Celebrating cultural activity, collaboration, and arts education in the city. Birmingham Arts School (BAS) is a vibrant space fostering creativity, connecting schools to the arts and encouraging children and young people to think, imagine, question, and explore the world with an open mindset. Recognising the existing inequalities, BAS passionately strives to bridge the gap by providing high-quality arts opportunities that not only enrich learning and well-being but also equip young minds with skills for future careers.

Amidst the cultural richness of Birmingham, BAS stands as a catalyst, ensuring widespread access to these experiences. Having produced conferences, CPD events, teacher networks, and consultations with headteachers in the past three years, BAS is gearing up to host an awards ceremony this Summer, celebrating and acknowledging outstanding contributions across 10 diverse categories. This event serves as a platform to spotlight the remarkable arts engagement between Birmingham schools and cultural learning providers, honouring the relentless efforts of teachers, cultural learning staff, and young individuals dedicated to cultivating and celebrating the transformative power of the arts. 

There will be 10 Award Categories for which we are inviting nominations. All awards are suitable for projects taking place in early years settings, primary, secondary or special schools.

The deadline for submissions is midnight on Monday 13th May 2024. No late entries will be accepted.

For more information about the BAS Celebration Event….


To see the full list of BAS events and CPD on offer for this academic year, please click HERE.


Birmingham Arts School team have spoken at various headteacher consortium meetings and are always keen to engage with more multi academy trust CEOs and headteachers across the city. If you would like us to present at one of your meetings please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing Bhavik Parmar.

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Steve Ball and Bhavik Parmar

Birmingham Arts School

To stay up to date on all the opportunities we have coming up please make sure to sign up to the Birmingham Education Hub and follow us on all our social media platforms below.


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