Arts & Culture

The Arts play a crucial role in enabling visual, kinaesthetic and expressive learners.

They bring colour, magic and inspiration into the lives of our young people and teachers.

BEP believes in increasing student engagement with Arts, Culture and Creativity to enable visual, kinaesthetic and expressive learners to engage in a deeper and more meaningful way with their education. As the OFSTED framework is placing more of an emphasis on the Arts in education, it is paramount for School Improvement Initiatives to consider their Arts curriculum and it’s benefit to the pupils.

Across BEP we have an array of options to support your school:

Artist Residencies and CPD Programmes

Many schools prefer to build longer lasting relationships with artists over a year or sometimes longer. We can offer tailor made routes to partnerships that are based on the needs of your school and specific to your curriculum. This could be made up from a variety of artists across different disciplines, or simply one that you wished to work with closely over a period of time.

Browse through our artists in our brochure and talk with Andrew Fox who can advise you on everything from a one day visit, to building and growing a partnership over time. He will broker and support conversations with your preferred practitioners on your behalf to ensure you are getting the very best fit that is right for your school.

Our associate artists have been delivering successful CPD training and we are able to create a program that specifically meets the needs of your school. This can be closely linked to skills and knowledge progression in arts subjects to ensure your staff are delivering the very best in the classroom, or they can be focussed on pedagogy, well being, leadership, creativity or critical thinking. Below are tasters of some of the subject specific CPD we offer for Primary Schools, MAT’s and Trusts.

  • Art CPD
  • Drama and Storytelling CPD
  • Dance CPD
  • Tai Chi and Mindfulness Workshops
  • Developing Singing and Music Across the School


BEP Associate Artists and Creative Practitioners
Birmingham Schools: £325 per day including travel (not including materials)
Regional Schools: £325 per day plus travel (not including materials)
We also welcome bookings for our artists from national organisations.


Digital and Blended Learning

We are now offering a fully digital and blended service through Arts and Culture at BEP, so if you would prefer to collaborate digitally, our artists can create a program of remote training, workshops and tutorials or devise tailor made home learning packs and activities for children and young people.

Here are just a few examples of remote learning that our artists have already delivered by Zoom, Teams and Skype, or through prerecorded packages:

  • Dance and Tai Chi classes
  • Art history keynotes and seminars
  • Instructed visual art workshops covering art, graphic design and illustration
  • Drama supporting the learning of modern foreign languages
  • Theatre workshops for SEND schools
  • Storytelling and immersive creative experiences for primary schools
  • Digital media master classes
  • Secondary PSHE, citizenship and well being workshops through drama
  • Teacher training webinars and one on one CPD
  • Peripatetic music lessons for primary and secondary pupils
  • Consultancy
  • School reviews


BEP Associate Artists and Creative Practitioners
Birmingham Schools: £325 per day including travel (not including materials)
Regional Schools: £325 per day plus travel (not including materials)
We also welcome bookings for our artists from national organisations.


Consultation, Training & School Reviews 

School Reviews and Improvement Planning Reports

We have developed a detailed framework for arts, curriculum and cultural reviews to support senior leadership teams and governors with medium and long term planning. These are conducted through positive, developmental and evaluative discussions with teachers, and through learning walks, lesson observations and work scrutinies which then feed into a final summary multi page report. As an example, an arts review would involve Andrew being in school for one day meeting with the Art, Music, Dance, English Lead and Senior Leadership Team followed by another day for the report write up (2 days). Curriculum and cultural reviews are deeper dives across the entire school eco-system and take slightly longer (up to 4 days). Reviews are available for primary, secondary and SEND settings and can be fine tuned to align with your development plans in teaching & learning, the curriculum, and performance and standards targets.

Consultancy, Peer Mentoring and Critical Friend

Our consultants at BEP offer half day consultations for Birmingham schools. This can be year specific, key stage specific, curriculum planning support sessions or office based meetings and learning walks with senior leaders and head teachers. These half day sessions can be a one off or programmed in at set points over a school year.

Training, Inset and Facilitation

BEP consultants can devise and deliver training and insets specific to your school, MAT, Trust or organisation. This can also be combined with delivery by our artists allowing you to create your own creative, interdisciplinary arts and culture training days.


Consultation, Planning and School Reviews 
Birmingham Schools: £385 (+VAT) per day including travel
Regional Schools: £435 (+VAT) per day plus travel

Inset, Training and Facilitation devised and delivered by 
Birmingham / Regional / National Schools and Organisations: Price on Quotation


City Wide Arts CPD Sessions

Free- Funded by Arts Connect

Alison Haynes coordinates four networks for arts teachers:

  • Primary Arts (Artslink)
  • Secondary Dance Teacher Network 
  • Secondary Drama Teacher Network
  • Visual Arts and Design Teacher Network

The networks provide teachers with an opportunity to communicate and share with colleagues in other schools. Artists and arts/cultural organisations from Birmingham and beyond are part of the networks providing schools with access to the rich and varied arts offer in the city, regionally and nationally. 

There are also four virtual Basecamp networks/online forums where teachers share what they are doing, have conversations with colleagues and can keep up to date with what is happening in the arts and cultural sector. Arts and Cultural organisations regularly post offers and opportunities that are available for schools. Email Alison to join the virtual networks.

Each network has termly CPD sessions that are coordinated in response what teachers want and need. Take a look at our events page for upcoming sessions.

Alison organises key events such as Speed Dating where schools and venues get to ‘date’ and see how they can support each other.

 Email (Arts Engagement Co-Ordinator) For more information


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