All schools – Support / Services / CPD

We focus much of our support around issues that the majority of schools in the city are currently grappling with. This is very much based on our close interrogation of whole city data and changes annually as necessary to meet whole city needs. 

We provide support for schools in finding additional leadership capacity, support with Headteacher recruitment as well as providing/signposting curriculum support offered through our partnerships with various local and national organisations.  We provide data information that all schools can use to find schools that are successfully overcoming hurdles in schools similar to themselves.  We provide all schools with a twice weekly blog that highlights the sharing of good practice and support for Headteachers.  See below for more information.

BEP Peer Review Programme

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Families of Schools

Schools in Birmingham face a number of challenges. They also boast an enormous collective pool of expert leaders and teachers. The purpose of the documents are to point you towards similar schools facing similar circumstances with whom you can share practice and experiences. Whatever the problem, the documents show there are always schools to whom you can turn and this is a very important and powerful school improvement tool. 

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Ofsted Briefing

At this year’s Learning to Shape Birmingham ‘Stronger Together’ Virtual Conference (September 2020), James McNeillie – Acting Regional Director for HMI West Midlands, provided in-depth insight in Ofsted’s interim visits for Autumn Term 2020/21 in light of Covid-19. James clearly highlighted how these inspections will work in practice and answered a number of questions currently on the minds of school leaders.

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Senior Leader & Governor Services

We know that each school is unique with its own culture, challenges and ambitions. Still, all are striving forward under a unified theme: great opportunities & outcomes for its pupils. To help Birmingham schools achieve this goal, BEP provides a number of services tailored specifically for Governors, Headteachers & Senior Leadership Teams.

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Current CPD

National Literacy Trust Literacy for Learning Secondary School Virtual Conference

21st - 29th January 2021