About Birmingham

 About Birmingham

BEP exists to promote a better understanding of the world of Birmingham schools. For anyone wanting to know about an individual setting the best place to start is the school’s own website, especially given the requirement of all state schools to make key information publicly available online.

For any staff member or governor of a Birmingham school, BEP provides a unique data dashboard for your school and, for comparison, your local consortium or network. These can be accessed via the Birmingham Education Hub https://birmingham.eduhub.org.uk/

All Birmingham Primary and Secondary schools also belong in localities in one of 16 Primary Consortia or 7 Secondary Networks. Many schools that are academies are also in Multi Academy Trusts (MATS) which come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Church (Diocesan) Authorities are another significant set of groupings.

Birmingham City Council still “owns” a large number of the city’s schools and continues to have key functions in education across all settings including academies. Behind all of these schools are a host of important partners some of which we highlight here.

For deeper insights into the world of Birmingham Education please contact: office@bep.education.

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Other Key Organisations

BCC Schools & Learning

Birmingham Early Years Networks

Birmingham special schools

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