A Birmingham Profile

Have you ever wanted to know how Birmingham LA compares with other local authorities? Our new Birmingham Profile gives you insight into the contextual makeup of our school populations, Ofsted outcomes and performance data from Early Years to KS4 compared with Core Cities (Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield), Statistical Neighbours (a group of 11 local authorities with similar social and economic characteristics) and the national average for all local authorities in England.


You are able to tailor your EduHub to the things that are most important for your role in your organisation, whether this is defined by subject, phase, area of interest or other specialist role. Headteachers will also be able to access valuable school data that can be shared with school colleagues and governors.

The Birmingham Education Hub acts as a gateway for all Birmingham school staff and other education professionals at all levels to access a wide range of information, training, resources and research. So, don’t forget to encourage the rest of your school staff to sign up too!

If you haven’t accessed The EduHub before, click on the Sign Up button and register with your school email address.