School Improvement Support and Challenge Framework

The Birmingham Education Partnership is committed to continuous school improvement.

The Birmingham Education Partnership School Improvement Commissioning Board, with a core group of recently serving Heads, meets weekly in order to gain a clear view of the city and help drive forward Birmingham School Improvement.

Whilst schools are responsible for raising standards and helping every child achieve their potential, Birmingham Education Partnership, under the Local Authority (LA), has the responsibility of supporting and challenging schools, and when necessary intervening to ensure rapid improvement.

There are a number of success criteria we have to achieve as part of this, including increasing the percentage of good and outstanding schools, and inversely reducing the number in special measures (SM) and requires improvement (RI).

Please see our School Improvement Delivery Framework. Our framework document is available for your information. It sets out to clarify:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the Birmingham Education Partnership in relation to Birmingham schools
  • The development of a school led system of improvement in partnership with BEP and BCC
  • The protocol and procedures in relation to School Causing Concern.


If numbers of vulnerable schools remain fairly similar throughout 2016/17, Birmingham Education Partnership will have enough funding to provide this ‘Menu’ to all priority schools. Birmingham Education Partnership have costed out each item on the menu so that any school can buy items if they see them of value.

To find out more, please get in touch with Tracy Ruddle.


Birmingham School Improvement