BEP Peer Review Programme

One of the principal aims of BEP is to champion a culture of continual school led improvement. The BEP Peer Review Programme enables schools to build strong, supportive and mutually beneficial relationships that deliver sustainable self-improvement.

BEP Peer Review helps schools rigorously challenge each other and identify priority areas for development. It supports schools in celebrating strengths and learning from one another within a culture of collective accountability.

We currently have over 140 schools participating in the BEP Peer Review programme. BEP supports groups of schools who already work together as well as helping to broker new relationships and working groups or “clusters”.

Having worked in collaboration with Education Development Trust (EDT) over the past two years, we have now developed a BEP Peer Review programme for Birmingham schools. This has built on the nationally regarded work of EDT while making some key changes based on learning from feedback and our experience of delivery. The BEP Peer Review Programme now incorporates a new rigorous but sharper question based framework within our new handbook. We have new training materials and our own team of trainers – made up of Birmingham heads who want to share their experience of the BEP Peer Review Programme and how it can benefit schools and pupil outcomes.

The testimonies given by those who are using the BEP Peer Review Programme tell us that participation in the programme will help you to make your schools the best they can be. This will inevitably result in better outcomes for our city’s children – which is the goal for us all.

Upcoming Induction Training Dates

Refresher Sessions

These sessions will introduce the new BEP Peer Review Programme framework within the new handbook to all current participants, so they can incorporate it into their future reviews. There is a choice of two dates – please click on the link in order to reserve your place.

Date: Thursday 9thFebruary 2017
Venue:  BEP Offices, Digbeth
Time: 8am – 10am

Date: Tuesday 21st March 2017
Venue: BEP Offices, Digbeth
Time: 8am – 10am

Induction and New Senior Leader Training Day

Date: Wednesday 15th March 2017
Venue: The Bond, Fazeley St, Digbeth
Time: 8am – 4.30pm

You are able to book 2 places – at least one of those should be the Headteacher.
Lunch will be provided

To reserve your place, please click on the following link:

Improvement Champions

BEP strongly recommends that all participant BEP Peer Review clusters engage a member of staff to take on the role of Improvement Champion. The role is appropriate for someone who is already an SLE, Assistant Head teacher, Deputy or strong middle leaders.

The feedback that we have received from clusters who have an Improvement Champion is that they greatly improve the process. One of the main responsibilities of the role is facilitating the workshops post review and having someone who is objective to perform that specific role keeps the focus on track and allows all members of the cluster to get fully involved.  It is a also a great opportunity for a member of your staff to benefit from this development training, work with other schools and get involved with improvement actions across the cluster.

Cohort 4 Improvement Champion Training Session

Date: Wednesday 26th April
Venue: BEP offices, Digbeth
Time: 9am – 3pm

Lunch will be provided.

In order to reserve a place, please click on the following link;

Peer Review Stories

 “My involvement in the Peer Review Programme has not only supported improvement in my own school but it has also given me the opportunity to observe and discuss best practice in other settings. It has worked in our group because we have established an ethos of mutual respect and trust. As a result the reviews have been robust and have supported Head Teachers by validating their own self evaluations as well as facilitating improvements where necessary.”

Kay Mercer – Head Teacher, Sladefield Infant School

More Information

If you would like anymore information about BEP Peer Review Programme, please contact our Peer Review Co-ordinator Claire Crawley.

Phone: 0121 285 0924