Partnerships & Working

Schools are not islands. They exist in wider social, political and economic contexts and their purpose is to prepare their pupils for the next stage of their lives.

Birmingham is on the cusp of major economic expansion and it is all the more vital therefore that Birmingham’s young people are fully prepared for the world of work.

Synchronised Experiences

BEP is committed therefore to providing a space for all those concerned with improving the skills and life chances of the city’s young people to share experiences, avoid duplication and generate new ideas.

Entitlement Curriculum

BEP is also fully committed to an entitlement curriculum for Birmingham’s young people, to ensure they all benefit from the cultural richness and diversity of this great city.

City-wide partnership

We are fortunate that the 2014 report It Takes A City to Raise a Child, focuses on these wider issues. Our Partnerships will use the recommendations from this report as the starting point for our work.