What can your school gain by being a member of Birmingham Education Partnership?

Birmingham Education Partnership membership offers exceptional value for money, at just £1 per pupil annually.

Membership provides substantial opportunities to work with and learn from leaders across the city, as well as support and highly rated training and resources for all leaders in all types of schools. Member benefits are growing and fees remain the same for LA and Academy status schools, with negotiated rates for independent schools.

By joining Birmingham Education Partnership, you are supporting our mission to support a deeply good academic, social and civic education for every child and young person living in Birmingham, ensuring that no school is left isolated and sharing the responsibility for all our children.

What are the benefits of membership to Birmingham Education Partnership?

1) Training and CPD Opportunities

This includes; Ofsted workshops, BEP Lectures, events for new and established Headteachers, District Strategy Group meetings, and ‘BEP Meet’ learning

2) School Improvement Support

Bespoke support packages available for all schools, and opportunities to work and learn across all phases and sectors. Birmingham Education Partnership is an united organisation where members learn from each other and improve. We run and effective Peer Review programme (discounted for members).

3) The BEP Hub

Members have access to an interactive website containing resources, research, forums and a huge range of ‘Insights’ – Birmingham case studies and Hot Seats on key topics in a facilitated members’ only area. Members will be able to easily talk, learn and share good practice with each other. Watch the BEP Hub video to find out more.

4) BEP Space

Part of BEP Hub, BEP Space offers serving Headteachers reflective space and personal and professional support. BEP Space believes all Headteachers deserve respect, care and support and that we all need to keep on learning, even if it’s only learning to cope with the change that is happening around us and that so often seems out of our control. We recognise that the role of a Headteacher is uniquely stressful as dedicated, passionate educators juggle the often conflicting demands they face daily. We realise that often all that ‘stuff’ and all those external pressures can seem to get in the way of the job of changing and improving the young lives that brought you here in the first place.

BEP Space will help you manage that ‘stuff’, stay ahead of what’s happening nationally and most important, help you reconnect with what brought you into Headship in the first place. It will offer time for reflection and safe space to talk about tough issues. BEP Space can also help you think about your personal career choices and whether and when – or if – you really do want to move on. And if moving on is also about moving up, to Executive Head or CEO, then BEP Space offers unique, personalised, locally based programmes to offer you any new skills you feel you need.


5) Special offer on TheSchoolBus resource service

TheSchoolBus The online school improvement service

TheSchoolBus is an online school improvement service that provides current, comprehensive and compliant resources to school leaders, including Governors, across all school types.

Over 2,000 school members in 2 years

With over 2,200 schools and academies subscribed in just over 2 ½ years, totalling in over 20,000 individual users, TheSchoolBus is fast becoming the go to online school improvement service in the Education Sector.

Topics on TheSchoolBus include;

  • Ofsted – Policies – Safeguarding – Interviewing – Conversion – HR – Behaviour Management – CPD – DfE Updates – Assessment & much more

Top downloads on TheSchoolBus this year include;

  • British Values Policy
  • Headteachers Report Examplar
  • Preparation, planning and assessment time tracker
  • The Prevent Duty – 3 Minute Read
  • Headteacher and Governor appraisal tool

Unique, instant and up-to-date

The unique dynamic feature of TheSchoolBus is that its content is vetted and peer reviewed regularly to ensure that members are saving time and reducing risk when researching and using online resources. In addition, if TheSchoolBus members require additional support they can request bespoke documents and ask questions all at no extra cost, a service that is not available elsewhere in the sector.

Pays for itself

The bespoke document creation service saves an average of one working day in research and writing time per school policy/bespoke document created. By making 2 requests in a year members easily make back their subscription fee in time and money saved.

The Birmingham offer

Thanks to BEP and Link2ICT, TheSchoolBus is available to BEP members for a discounted price of £250 per annum, equalling savings of up to 65%!

In the last year over 120 Birmingham schools have subscribed and TheSchoolBus would like you to join their growing community too. TheSchoolBus can be accessed through our new BEP Hub which is the BEP member’s only website full of case studies, resources and forums for Birmingham school leaders.

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