Working in Districts

Birmingham Education Partnership operates using the ten districts in the city to organise its team and work.

Building Birmingham Education Partnership’s capacity to support and ability to increase knowledge about schools and academies, each District team comprises of –

  • District Leads (DLs)
  • District Engagement Coordinators (DECs)
  • District Representatives for Primary, Secondary and Special schools (D Reps)
  • National Leaders of Governance (NLG)

Birmingham Education Partnership works with all types and phases of schools offering support through its partnership agreement with the Local Authority to maintained schools, and through bespoke agreements with academies, including free schools. Our District Leads, who are existing or recently retired Headteachers, act as a local face of education, offering ongoing support to schools, and gathering information to be fed back to the Director of Continuous School Improvement and the School Improvement Commissioning Group. The District Leads work closely with the current Birmingham City Council school improvement team in our aim to make sure all schools are connected and part of a wider family.
Our District Engagement Coordinators work with the District Leads to provide a point of contact and service for schools in two districts of the city, and connect schools with services and partners locally. By listening to and engaging with the views and voices of all school leaders within their district, the District Reps’ role is to help share good practice and shape Birmingham Education Partnership’s work of building a school-led collaboration and innovative city wide approach to continuous school improvement.

Birmingham Education Partnership works in the following ten districts:

  • Erdington North
  • Sutton North
  • Yardley East
  • Hall Green East
  • Hodge Hill East
  • Northfield South
  • Edgbaston South
  • Selly Oak South
  • Ladywood W&C
  • Perry Barr W&C

What are the District Leads’ priorities?

  • Ensure every school is part of an effective cluster minimising isolated schools
  • Know every schools’ Ofsted judgement and identify appropriate resources
  • Restore coherence and trust to the Birmingham community of schools. This includes building trust in the LA
  • Uncover and mobilise new strengths for the system. Developing a body of potential heads and system leaders
  • Provide a new and additional data source to the local authority owned database based on local district intelligence
  • Provide a mechanism for dialogue on school and district level data
  • In conjunction with the local authority and the SICG, add insight to the dataset to create a RAG rated education scorecard

District Leads are part of the wider District Team, supported by District Engagement Coordinators and recently retired primary and secondary headteachers. The District Team provides:

  • A conduit for information from the city out to districts and schools and vice versa through a central hub
  • A mechanism for communicating across the district
  • The initial point of contact for all aspects of school and leadership support
  • Information gathering, filtering, prioritising, record keeping and an audit trail
  • Facilitation and support for district activities, including working with other providers and commissioners at a district level
  • Creative capacity to respond to changing priorities
  • Advice and help to schools to improve efficiency and reduce costs