Birmingham NewStart

The Birmingham Education Partnership is committed to supporting schools to become emotionally supportive and resilient communities for all of its pupils

The NewStart programme is currently working with 19 secondary schools in Birmingham using a whole school approach to help schools identify earlier those pupils who may be vulnerable to poor mental health and build resilience in order to improve academic, social and emotional outcomes.

Trained in the facilitation of the Academic Resilience approach Strategic Wellbeing Leads are working to Support Heads and their leadership teams to develop their capacity to foster good mental health by:

  • Understanding and addressing the needs within the school across the whole school and facilitate engagement with external support
  • Identifying, at an early stage, those pupils whose emotional difficulties that may stop them from realizing their academic potential and develop ways to support them.
  • Develop strategies within their schools to help young people attain against the odds

BEP is absolutely committed to sharing all of the learning and training opportunities with all Birmingham schools wherever possible.  We are looking forward to building an offer for primaries for 2017/18.

In the wellbeing area of you will find examples of good practice relating to building resilience and emotional wellbeing across all phases, as well as resources, links to useful articles, research and relevant news stories.